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Discover the Power of Play with LEGO Education

Children are born with an innate curiosity and an instinct to explore the world through play. For over four decades, LEGO Education has been at the frontline of transforming education. LEGO Education is guided by a strong belief that learning should be a joyful journey for both students and teachers. More than just meeting academic standards, their range of solutions aims to inspire every student to envision themselves as the change makers of tomorrow.

As an authorized partner of LEGO Education in the Middle East, Atlab brings you a range of play-based STEAM activities. These activities not only captivate young minds but also foster skills essential for a lifetime of learning.

The Science of Learning Through Play

Playful learning is the cornerstone of natural learning. Numerous studies in teaching, play, and neuroscience emphasize the significance of allowing children to learn through play. When kids are given ample opportunities to engage in playful activities, they not only enjoy the process but also develop crucial skills that last a lifetime.

Executive Control and Decision-Making

Immersing themselves in an activity allows children to take charge of their learning. Making decisions and overcoming distractions contribute to the development of enhancing skills like focus, planning, memory retention, and multitasking. These skills are vital for academic success and future endeavors.

Social and Emotional Growth

Playing with others is more than just fun; it cultivates healthy relationships. It promotes better mental health, teaches empathy, and equips the brain to handle stress and challenges. Through play, children create a safe space where making mistakes is part of the learning process, helping them thrive today and in the future.

LEGO Education offers a range of products designed to make learning a playful and engaging experience. Here are some standout offerings:

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential (Grades 1-5)

SPIKE Essential features playful narrative-based problem-solving and relatable themes. It engages students with seven to eight 45-minute lessons per unit, totaling 50 hours of immersive classroom content.

This 449-piece set introduces hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts, integrating seamlessly with literacy, math, and social-emotional development.

The set includes motors, sensors, and a central hub, fostering hardware understanding, sensor technology exploration, and skills in data handling and analysis through engaging lessons.

SPIKE Essential’s standards-aligned lessons cover computational thinking, design engineering, oral communication, energy concepts, and social-emotional development, fostering collaborative and creative learning experiences.

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime (Grades 6-8)

The LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, tailored for students in grades 6-8, is a comprehensive STEAM learning tool designed to foster abstract and critical thinking skills. Aligned with educational standards, the lesson plans intricately connect to real-life questions, instilling confidence and preparing students for challenges beyond the classroom.

The set includes motors, sensors, and a central hub, facilitating hardware understanding, sensor technology exploration, and data handling and analysis.

The SPIKE Prime Expansion set and Competition Ready Unit elevate the learning experience, empowering students to participate in prestigious STEAM competitions such as the FIRST LEGO League.

This set seamlessly combines colorful LEGO building elements, user-friendly hardware, and an intuitive coding language based on Scratch. SPIKE Prime engages students in playful learning activities that stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving, catering to diverse learning levels.

BricQ Motion Essential (Grades 1-5)

Introduce younger students to the captivating world of physical science within a sports context with the LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential set. This introductory STEAM experience offers standards-aligned lessons complemented by engaging videos and printable worksheets.

Educators receive comprehensive support through teacher resources, including lesson plans, videos, assessment rubrics, and extensions.

Color-coded sorting trays enhance the building process and streamline end-of-class cleanup. The numbered tiles promote visual math practice, adding a creative and fun dimension to mathematical learning. The set also features replacement elements and two printed building instruction booklets with inspirational ideas, making physical science accessible to students, including those new to LEGO bricks.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime (Grades 6-8)

Engage middle school students in the exciting realm of physical science within a sports context with the LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime Set. This hands-on learning experience transcends traditional teaching methods by fostering an understanding of forces, motion, and interactions without relying on technology.

The set provides replacement elements and printed building instructions with inspirational ideas, enabling students to witness physical science in action.


LEGO Education, available through Atlab, brings the power of play into education. Together, let’s transform learning from a task to a thrilling adventure. Let’s empower students to not only meet academic standards but to surpass them, armed with creativity, resilience, and the belief that they are indeed the change-makers of tomorrow.

Are you ready to include play in learning? The adventure begins with Atlab.

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