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How can Manico Interactive Display enhance classroom teaching experience? Atlab, authorized dealers of Interactive Display screens in UAE explains why the future classrooms will be better with interactive touch screen display boards.

Interactive display screens are bound to change the way lessons are taught to kids. The interactive white boards makes both teaching and learning a fun filled activity. Atlab, a leading educational resource provider in UAE believes that interactive touch screen display brings unprecedented advantage for the educational industry. With the pandemic still around us, educational institutions are skeptical about getting any new innovative solutions for schools and students without realizing the potential boost it can provide once the pandemic settles down. Interactive touchscreen displays – what some call smart flat-screen TVs – deliver loads of benefits. Here are a few advantages of using an interactive touch screen display in your school.

Active Learning experience

Interactive display learning fosters active learning in kids and makes the classroom environment livelier. Active learning is the process of engaging deeply with the content making students understand the subjects better. When students are normally taught through diagrams and interactive sessions are more active and interactive display system just enhances it. Active learning is the sole objective of STEM learning. The learning possibilities are high when students can conduct labs and experiments on display. Biology teachers can now show animated live sessions of a frog free from chemicals. The options for leveraging big-screen interactivity are endless.

Teachers can now show live diagrams on the interface, students can create presentations with a team and present it on the big screen. With an interactive touch screen, students can pull content from the internet. Annotate on top of slides to highlight key points. Add video and audio clips.

Attaining Critical life skills

Interactive touch screen displays help students to attain critical life skills which are adaptive in nature. It’s a futuristic educational tool that can provide great problem solving and critical thinking abilities. The system prepares the career of students much early which will create critical thinking abilities and confidence to engage in creative brainstorming with the team.

They must be able to observe and analyze to find the best possible solution for a problem. Students will be encouraged to ask why, what if, and how to think through all sides of an issue.

Enthusiasm and Engagement

The class is engaged with an Interactive touch screen display as it grabs more attention from students. They are more positive about learning. Teachers report that there is increased attentiveness and engagement with interactive display technology. Using interactive touch screen display also has benefits including gaining achievements, participation, motivation, and cooperation. Students were able to Focus and maintained a longer attention span during lessons.

Classroom engagement

When students are attentive then there is a fever chance of class getting disrupted. The class became more dynamic and oriented. Interactive displays enable the use of can’t-be-missed visual aids. Visual timers like Time Timer keep kids on task. They help kids conceptualize, manage and visualize time when taking tests or taking turns. Visual noise level cues makes teachers convenient in controlling the noise of the class.

The classroom interactive touch screen display provides a central space around which teachers can make learning communities. Use it to conduct morning meetings and also let students create multimedia presentations that suit them the best.


The interface is friendly to all kinds of students and their method of study. Videos and multimedia presentations appeal to most students. And for students who learn better by reading, teachers can save files and share them with students.

Easy to Implement

Interactive touch screen display incorporates the duty of interactive white boards and projector based teaching. The system doesn’t need maintenance and can be easily installed in the classroom. Teachers can quickly learn the drill and use the interface.

Atlab, one of the leading educational service providers in UAE is an authorized dealer of Manico Interactive Display technology. The experts at Atlab will train the teachers briefly and it has been noticed on how they become to it soon. Teachers who’ve previously used projector-based systems are getting the real advantages of Interactive display systems for teaching in UAE.

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