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grade 4 - 6
Individual students
grade 4 - 6
Individual students

CoderZ is a powerful, award winning online platform through which students learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics and physical computing.

The CoderZ Adventure Course will empower teachers to teach their students the basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field. The course is powered by CoderZ’s Online Robotics Learning Environment which provides online simulation, a visual code editor, embedded content, class management and more. No prior knowledge needed!

To complete the course, teachers should allocate 10 hours. This may vary depending on students’ coding experience and the amount of time they may invest at home.

Education Resource Information

  • Easy, web-based access for all
  • Ready for anything
  •  Hybrid or Virtual
  • Inclusive – No experience required
  • Supports interdisciplinary learning
  • Fosters resilience with self-paced learning (and lots of support)


Students Outcome

  • Exploring robotics fundamentals:
    navigation, loops and more
  •  Practicing coding fundamentals using Blocky
  •  Solving problems using mathematics, geometry while developing computational thinking
  • Designing, planning and creating projects using all the above Lessons are aligned with CSTA and NGSS standards.


CoderZ Adventure

CoderZ Adventure introduces your students to the fascinating world of STEM and robotics through an exciting journey and adventures in CoderZ world. Students will learn how to program a virtual robot to navigate in CoderZ Frozen Island, the Lost City, Candy Town, and other exciting locations while practicing basic math, geometry, and more.